Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Beyond Super Tuesday

The results are in - and the analysis done - but what next?

The contest for the Republican nomination will continue - but does it remain the most important election facing the US? It is being reported that some Republicans are privately conceding that their chances of seizing the presidency are fading away. Instead, they argue, all efforts need to be concentrated upon the Congressional races. As one rather stark argument puts it - if Obama is to be re-elected, the republicans should make sure that he is a lame-duck President from the day of his second inauguration. A Congress with a majority in both the House and the senate could do that. They would set the legislative agenda - and seek to overturn any vetos coming from him.

It's not an inspiring vision - but does emphasis the independent power that Congress enjoys (and what a contrast with the UK Parliament - which is run by the Executive).[yes I know that I'm being provocative with that last comment - but will happily defend my assertion if challenged - so send your comments to this blog!]

The Congressional Elections do matter - and they look as interesting as this fascinating Presidential Race (and I write this after a night with little sleep - the time differences between Milton Keynes and the US - especially Alaska, are a bit of a nuisance). Last night saw the first member versus member primary in Ohio - and there are more to follow in other states as a result of the redistricting which has followed the Census. Dennis Kucinich (current OH10) was defeated by Marcy Kaptur (current OH09) in the new 9th District of Ohio. In OH02 Brad Wenstrup, with Tea Party support, ousted the sitting Member, Jean Schmidt.

Washminster will, as in 2008 and 2010, be looking at the key Congressional races as the year unfolds...watch this space!