Sunday, 25 July 2021

Spectrum On Air

 My apologies - the last month has been very busy, hence the lack of posts.

One of the things tying me up has been getting a second programme up and running on https://spectrumonair.com/

Heritage Matters has its second edition, which is broadcast (UK time) Tuesdays at 19.00; Thursdays at 14.00 and Saturday's at 18.00. It covers most things that could be described as "heritage" - archaeology, history, learning languages (and music in different languages), and 'culture' generally. It balances talk with a wide range of music. On this week's programme we'll be talking about the UK Festival of Archaeology; and a song about the survival of Wales through many centuries by Dafydd Iwan; and an interview about an initiative to encourage people from across the world to meet in Milton Keynes.

PPS has continued, but breaks for the month of August (most legislatures & local government in the Northern Hemisphere winds down or goes into recess). This week it will be on at noon, on Monday, 01.00 on Wednesdays & 10.00 Fridays (UK time). This weeks's programme a very useful source of news - Politico; (US Editions)(European Editions), Parliamentary Recesses around the world; and Shery & my chats about Mental Health Matters.


My co-presenter for both programmes is Shery Delfani. Do listen in - SpectrumOnAir is available a


Heritage Matters