Sunday 30 December 2018

Detroit DTW

One of my favourite airports to fly into the US is DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) - and I’ve used it a few times. (Flying Birmingham International Airport (easy to get to by train from Northampton (where we lived from 1982-2002), Rugby (2002-9) and Milton Keynes (2009 to date) to Amsterdam then to Detroit and then the final leg into National Airport in Washington DC. ) Sounds complicated, but was much pleasanter than the trips I look via Heathrow direct to Dulles, transport via London & into DC made them a much greater slog - and I found deals which made it cheaper.

Information about DTW can be found at 

Sunday 29 April 2018


Since the beginning of this month, I have been a researcher and presenter on the Platform:MK the lunchtime show on Milton Keynes community radio station - Secklow 105.5FM

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