Friday 24 September 2010

Labour Party Conference

The focus now shifts to Manchester - where a special conference tomorrow (Saturday 25th) will see the announcement of the results of an election held to select the new leader of the Labour Party.

The Annual Conference opens at 2.00pm on Sunday. To keep delegates and visitors busy, there are plenty of fringe events planned running from Friday through to the close of the Conference at 12.45 on Thursday.
The plenary sessions will be held at

Sunday 12.00 - 17.30 (Opening: Renewing Party Democracy: General Secretary's report: General Election report)

Monday 10.45 - 12.45 and 14.15 - 17.30 (Britain in the World: Prosperity and Work: TUC report: 2011 Elections in Scotland & Wales)

Tuesday 09.30 - 12.45 (Northern Ireland Report: Other internal reports; Crime & Justice, Citizenship & Equalities)
14.15 - 16.00 Leader's Speech

Wednesday 09.30 - 12.45 (International Speaker: Health & Education - Progressive Public Services)
14.15 - 16.00 Leader's Q & A

Thursday 09.30 - 12.45 (Creating Sustainable Communities - Campaigning for Strong Communities: Closing Speech by Harriet Harman.