Monday, 13 January 2020

US Elections and Europe

Europeans have long been interested in US Elections, particularly the ones for the Presidency. I've been following them intensively since 1972 - and was involved in every one from 2004 to 2016. Many of the posts related to those campaigns (and my experiences and insights) can still be found on this blog.

I have no plans to travel to the US for this election - but others do. I am happy to share their experiences with you on Washminster.

Today I am profiling Marianne-Ségolène Gindrey, a young woman with a passion for politics - both in her native France and particularly in the US. I know of her through "twitter" (@MSGindrey). She was born in Bali and currently lives in Arras France, though travels widely. She is a journalist and political activist - as she explains in a post (French original, rough translation follows) - "Je suis journaliste , femme politique , chanteuse , auteure. Amie avec Ségolène Royal , et représentante francophone d’Hillary Clinton, je suis journaliste pour SFnewsfeed.us. 

J’ai dirigée une grande association dans ma vie et j’ai été bénévole pour un président africain. Je soutien Joe Biden pour 2020. Et je vais être coordinatrice fédérale en Californie pour mon ami candidat au poste de gouverneur.

J’arrête de fumer dès ce soir et travaillerai pour une clinique à Harlem à New York pour fin 2021. Clinique spécialisée dans l’addiction. 

J’ai écrit des livres, dans ma vie, j’ai chanté des tubes et j’ai adressé en 2012 un courrier à Nelson Mandela."

I am a journalist, politician, singer, author. Friends with Ségolène Royal, and French-speaking representative of Hillary Clinton, (le comité Onward Together France) I am a journalist for SFnewsfeed.us.

I have led a large association in my life and I have volunteered for an African president. I'm supporting Joe Biden for 2020. And I'm going to be the federal coordinator in California for my friend who is running for governor.

I'm quitting smoking tonight and will be working for an addiction clinic in Harlem, New York by the end of 2021.

I have written books in my life, I sang hits and in 2012 I wrote to Nelson Mandela.

[Ségolêne Royale is a French politician, former Parti-Socialiste candidate for the French presidency, a former member of the Assemblée nationale, Minister, President of the  and leading light within the PS. She was in the same class at the prestigious ENA [École nationale d'administration] as her former partner of 30 years, François Hollande (French President 2012-17), as well as Dominique de Villepin (prime minister (2005-07) under Jacques Chirac).  This week she launched back into political activity ahead of this years French local elections.]

Marianne explained her support for Joe Biden - "Je soutien Biden car il a le plus d’expérience parmi tous les candidats. Ensuite il me rappelle l’ère d’Obama, et il est le plus fort contre Trump;

Je n’aime pas Bernie Sanders et donc j’opte pour un candidat qui a de meilleures idées. 

Biden est courageux car comme moi il a perdu sa femme et un bébé dans sa vie. Je le comprend."

"I support Biden because he has the most experience of all the candidates. Then he reminds me of the Obama era, and he's the strongest against Trump;

I don't like Bernie Sanders and so I opt for a candidate who has better ideas.

Biden is courageous because like me he lost his wife and a baby in his life. I understand it."

I very much hope that Marianne will continue to share with us her thoughts and observations as the election. Do send me any questions you would like me to put to her about her work and the US elections.