Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Revision for Exams?

Do you have exams coming up in the next few weeks? Washminster may have resources to help your revision.

There are posts specifically on revision
Revision video
Mind Maps
Other resources on Washminster
[These were written some time ago - the principles remain the same - but some comments are quaintly 'out of date']

The search engine can also be useful to find material on specific topics. So there's lots on

English Legal System (courts; legal personnel; statutory interpretation; precedent...)
UK Constitutional Law (separation of powers; rule of law; parliamentary sovereignty...)
EU Law (Institutions)

British Politics
US Politics
European Politics
French Politics

Have a go - the search engine is on the right, below "Share It". Let me know what you find useful - and anything else (within my area of knowledge!!!) that would be of use.

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