Thursday, 2 February 2012

How far to Congress?

While researching my post for last Tuesday, I discovered a website that allows you to calculate the distance between any two places on earth. As the world is round, a straight line on a map is of no use. Instead, for longer distances it is necessary to know the "Great Circle" distance between two points. The calculator is available below -


The Latitude and Longitude for the US Congress is 38°53'23"N , 77°00'27"W
(in decimal format that is Latitude: 38.88972222222 Longitude: -77.0075)

So as I write this, I am 3,636.8 miles or 5,852.912 kilometres from the Capitol Building. I have walked the 25 miles from the Mount Vernon Estate to the steps of the Senate (see these videos - starting here and continuing by pressing 'older posts' ) - but neither my swimming nor walking is up to the full journey from home