Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The French Presidential Election

While most of the British and US media have concentrated on the US Presidential Election, this blog is also following the French presidential election (and the legislative elections - to the Assemblee nationale, which will follow).

Francois Hollande was selected as the Parti Socialiste candidate last year. His website can be found at http://francoishollande.fr/

His books include

"La Gauche Bouge", Jean-Claude Lattès, 1985.
"L'Heure des choix. Pour une économique politique", with Pierre Moscovici, 1991.
"L'Idée socialiste aujourd'hui", Omnibus, 2001.
"Devoirs de vérité", interviews with Edwy Plenel, éd. Stock, 2007.

"Droit d'inventaires", interviews with Pierre Favier, Le Seuil, 2009.
"Le rêve français" (The French Dream), Privat, August 2011.

"Un destin pour la France" (A Destiny for France), Fayard, January 2012

President Sarkozy has been a prolific writer too. His Fabebook site can be accessed here.