Thursday, 21 April 2011

Revising for Exams?

Are you (or a family member, or a friend) revising for exams in the coming weeks? Let Washminster help you. This blog covers (amongst other things)

- UK Politics
- US Politics
- English Legal System
- UK Constitutional Law

In the four years that this blog has been in existence - a number of posts have been specifically written with Degree or A-Level Students in mind. There are other posts which give background information allowing answers which stand out from those merely gained fronm reading the nominated textbook. Use the search engine on the right, or browse through the entries.

The following documents list Washminster posts on particular subjects.

Parliamentary Sovereignty
- Development
- Classic Doctrine
- and the EU & ECHR

The Rule of Law

Judicial Review
- Basics
- Summary

Constitutions (including series on the US Constitution)

Conventions in the British Constitution

Primary and Secondary Legislation

The UK legislative process

Reading a Statute and a Law Report (UK)

UK Courts

The power of arrest in the UK

The 2008 US Presidential Election
- a series of videos and links starting on 28th October. Start here and use the 'Newer Post' button to work through the posts (until 5th November)

The First Day of a New Congress

Groups within the Democratic Caucus

As exams approach I will be writing more pieces - so keep your eyes on this blog - and help out your friends by telling them about this blog.