Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Summer Holidays

Washminster has "broken up" for the summer holidays. It will return in early October.

In the meantime it remains a useable resource for Law and Politics students, and everyone wanting to find out more about the working of the US Congress; British Parliament and political and legal history and practice in the US, UK, EU and France. Please use  -

(1) The search engine on the right of the blog "Search This Blog" - use any word that is of interest to you - for example "parliamentary sovereignty"; "separation of powers"; "Washington DC"; "European Parliament"...

(2) The Blog Archive - All previous posts can be accessed via the archive which is structured by year; month; day. Revision posts can be found mainly (but not exclusively) in the months August to October. You can build a useful search strategy by using a combination of (1); (2) & (3)

(3) Most posts have a list of labels - click on any of these to see all entries sharing that label.

Have a good summer - and I look forward to returning to full service in October. Do visit the site occasionally for any updates.

Best wishes