Tuesday, 17 May 2016

W200 Revision Outline

For any students of the Open University's W200 "Understanding Law" course - I have recorded my presentation setting out the key topics in the course - and highlighting those areas which merit especial attention.

The two keys to revision are

* Connecting                               and
* Condensing

These slides give an overview of the course - so note how the different elements of the course fit into a structure - essentially
- English Legal System
- Constitutional Law
- Human Rights
- Criminal Law
- Obligations (sometimes referred to as the two related subjects of 'Contract' & 'Tort'
- EU Law - the structure of the institutions and EU Legal System (Institutions; Court Actions; Enforcing Rights in EU Law)
- EU Law on Free Movement of Goods & Persons; Competition Law; Social Policy

make the connections. Spider grams (MindMaps) can help here.

For the bullet points in the slides - can you briefly state the key information - in a condensed form - for example - what are
* Dicey's three points on Parliamentary Sovereignty (Supremacy)
* the requirements for a right arising in EU Law to have - direct effect; indirect effect; state liability
* what are the key elements in justifying national rules which might appear to hinder the free movements?

(double click if you can't see the full slide)