Sunday, 8 May 2016

C-SPAN at the weekends

C-SPAN is great for live coverage of proceedings in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. But I also enjoy (perhaps more than the live feed from the Capitol) listening at the weekend. I saw 'listening' because on a Sunday morning nothing beats lying in bed, with the headphones in (my wife isn't a C-SPAN listener by choice), listening to one of their history or book programmes. This morning I enjoyed "Unrest and Reform in the Gilded Age".

There is an app (which I have on both my iPhone and iPad) called "C-SPAN Radio". Despite its name - the app allows you to listen to the live audio feeds from C-SPAN Radio: C-SPAN 1: C-SPAN 2: and C-SPAN 3. You can also look at the day's schedules. You can also chose podcasts of programmes already aired.

I'm writing this sitting in the sunshine in by back garden. C-SPAN Radio is broadcasting C-SPAN2 Book TV until noon (Schedules are available only for the US time zones - but adding 5 is well within my skills set). Washingto Journal will be broadcast for 3 hours, and at 5.00pm (UK) the various Sunday TV programmes ("Meet the Press", "Fox News Sunday", "State of the Union", and "Face the Nation") will be broadcast.

But I enjoy the Panel discussions and Book discussions on C-SPAN2   and history programming on C-SPAN3.

There are a couple of websites which tell you more (and feature previous broadcasts)

Book TV

American History TV