Saturday, 13 June 2015

What's On in the House of Representatives

Each weekend the Leader of the House of Representatives sends an email of the weekly schedule. Next weeks schedule can be found here.

This week Steny Hoyer (Minority (Democrat) Whip) launched an app, which I am already finding useful.

He wrote on his webpage "The app includes real time updates on what’s happening on the Floor; access to the House calendar, which is updated in real time; access to House Floor schedules for both the day and the week ahead; access to press releases and videos from the Whip’s Office; and, for the first time, the ability to view job openings in House Democratic offices. Users can customize how much information they want – and when they want it – by setting notification controls."

Currently it is only available for iPhone and iPads - and can be downloaded from the App Store - search for "Whip Watch"

By the way - Happy Birthday to Steny Hoyer - who celebrates his birthday today.