Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More from Brighton

First of all, can I apologise for any spelling mistakes - or bloopers - I'm not a good touch typists - and I'm trying to get this uploaded as soon as I can after it was written.

The text of this speech (as with all the speeches by front benchers) will be available for delegates and visitors shortly after  the speech ends. For many years Labour Students (the Labour society for students) has been given the text and allowed to copy the text and to sell the copies in order to raise funds.

I notice that on the floor at the Leader's feet are the excellent cartoonist Steve Bell, and my old friend, Ian Selby (a councillor and Deputy Mayor from Grantham). Ian is a talented broadcaster and photographer - and has just celebrated his birthday.

The announcent about a heating fuel price freeze got a good reception from the hall Conference also likes his setting out of the last Labour Government's record. This is important because many delegates and attenders feel that the party has failed to set out its positive achievements.

Water needed - so Ed has taken a drink - and is now back on track.....