Sunday 22 September 2013


The Labour Party Conference officially starts this morning - but there were receptions all yesterday evening, heaving with delegates, politicians and members. I arrived after a revision session in Oxford for my Open University W201 group - by car rather than train, as Clapham Junction was suffering major problems - throwing my original plans into chaos.

I'll be here in Brighton for the rest of the conference - and I'll be posting about the things that go on during a major party political conference in the UK. Each is different - the role of conference differs in each of the parties - though there been a tendancy for all to move towards the American style rally and TV feast - for the sadly, small number of BBC Parliament viewers.

There are plenary sessions - and these are the venue for the major speeches. I've never been as a delegate - so am a viewer rather than a participant. But the exciting activities are to be found in the fringe. Today I'll be heading for the Odeon Cinema for a European meeting. As regular readers know, I've been a candidate for the European Parliament - and have a passion for working with fellow minded Europeans to achieve at a European level - what cannot be achieved purely at a national level. Many modern problems - like climate change and international crime cross national frontiers. As business is multinational - ordinary people need rights that are international. No doubt we'll here about the last year's achievements in standing up for consumers and employees rights.

I am to post as often as I can - so please check in - you won't be getting the "official" version - just my observations as an ordinary member, with a passion to share the story of how politics really works.

For my students in law - I have spent last night and this morning trying to encourage delegate to vote to debate a motion on access to justice. As Constitutional lawyers will know the "Rule of Law" is central to the British constitutional set up - but if access to legal advice is impossible - and for many people who need it, it is beyond their financial means - then the Rule of Law is a mockery. Rights must be enforceable. So we'll see if that motion is taken up.

As they say in France a bientot!