Tuesday 24 September 2013

Leader's Speech update

The speech is now in full flow. It is not my purpose in posting to gush about how wonderful the speech is. You can make your own mind up. But I can comment on what we are seeing.

The first thing to notice is the array of "beautiful people" who frame the Leader. No televised speech for the last few years has been without this framing. They are all young people, pretty girls and handsome lads (not that that is incompatible with brains - I know or have talked with some of them - some of them are awesome. They are intelligent, articulate and are discussing complex issues in the many fringe meetings. If our future is in their hands - the future looks good!).

As a contrast (???) some of the older former and current players in British politics are occasionally shown.  ( but watching the Leader from the side or from in front of him).

There is no auto cue - and he is not reading from notes. As an individual he is gifted at delivering a speech without notes - but which follows word for word (I've seen him do this with the text of the speech in front of me - it's very impressive how close he is to the printed text).

There are some jokes - with sudden switches to serious points. The delegates are lapping it up. Most of those around me are exhibitors, with a keen interest in the implications for their company, charity or pressure group. They are listening in silence as they weigh the speech up.

I shall stop to upload this - my next post will follow soon.