Tuesday 28 December 2010

Welcome Back

I hope you had a good Christmas break. Washminster returns to close off a fascinating year in both British and American politics - and to look forward to 2011.

The Elections of 2010 have far reaching implications for both the UK and US. Major constitutional changes are being pushed through at breakneck speed in Britain. The 112th Congress will be very differenf from the ones that preceded it. It will be a year of interesting developments.m Washminster will be following them!

Looking back to 2010 we have lost some great people.

Lord (Richard) Acton
Robert Byrd
Elizabeth Edwards
Michael Foot
Alexander Haig
Brian Hanrahan
Richard Holbrooke
Anthony Howard
Lord (Andrew) McIntosh
Jimmy Reid
Dan Rostenkowski
Andrew Roth
Sir Cyril Smith
Stephen Solarz
Ted Stevens
Ted Sorensen
Alan Watkins
Charlie Wilson
Howard Zinn