Wednesday 1 December 2010

Structure of the Judgment in R v Chaytor

Unusually NINE Judges sat on this appeal - because of the important constitutional issues at stake. The Judgments are

paras 1-93        Lord Phillips (President of the Supreme Court)
paras 94-127    Lord Rodger
para 128           Lord Hope (Deputy President); Lady Hale; Lord Brown; Lord Collins; Lord Kerr
para 129           Lord Mance
Paras 130-134  Lord Clarke

The decision is unanimous - but Lords Rodger, Mance and Clarke have additional comments. The key judgment is that of Lord Phillips

paras 1-3          Introduction
paras 4-8          The Charges
paras 9-11        Entitlement to and administration of allowances
paras 12-13      The Claims to privilege
                         (1) Under Art 9 Bill of Rights
                         (2) Under the older concept of "exclusive cognisance"
paras 14-16      Who decides the issue of whether privilege applies?
paras 17-20      The original High Court Judgment in the case
paras 21-25      The Court of Appeal's judgment in the case
paras 26-92      ARTICLE 9 Bill of Rights - argument
paras 27-50      the jurisprudence of the courts
paras 51-62      Parliaments views
paras 63-78      EXCLUSIVE COGNISANCE - argument
paras 79-88      Crime and Parliament
paras 89-93      Conclusions