Thursday 30 December 2010

A useful Tool

In 2011, Washminster will make plenty of references to the US Constitution. It is central to the workings of the US Congress - and indeed all the institutions of US Government. In additional, the "Bill of Rights" - which are the first ten amendments to the Constitution - and subsequent amendments - are key to the individual rights of US Citizens.

Britain does not have, yet, a Constitution set down in a single written document. The US Constitution is a useful model (both in structure and substance) to discuss the "Constitution" the UK could ultimately adopt. For students of Constitutional Law it is a useful document for understanding the American system and comparing with other systems. So expect lots of references in this blog.

I strongly recommend getting a copy - they are available on various websites - such as the Senate (with explanation of key points) or at US Constitution.net (pdf version). The Document was not written in a vacuum - so other key texts  such as the Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation are useful

There are a number of useful guides to the background and meaning of the Constitution. My most used sources include -

and my prized possession