Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Watching the Newswires

Twitter can be used for many things. Much ridicule has been heaped on those who use it to broadcast their every insignificant move, action or thought to the world. But it can be a useful way of keeping up to date with news from Congress and Parliament.

If you haven't got an account yet - just sign up at http://twitter.com/. I've had an account for a long time now - but have recently started to use "Tweetdeck" as a platform that allows me to have my screen updated regularly with "Tweets" from individuals and bodies I follow - as well as updates of my friends' status on Facebook. I can also "tweet" direct to Twitter and Facebook. To download TweetDeck go to http://tweetdeck.com/beta/download/.

My favourite sources of news are :-

US Congress

CQPolitics - Excellent & Frequent Tweeter on Congress. Well Respected Publisher on Congress
RollCall - my favourite newspaper available in DC (and by subscription even in Milton Keynes)
thehill - from "The Hill" a newspaper about Congress
CSPAN - the cable channel providing live coverage of Congress - and much much more
Senatus - coverage of US Senate
OpenCRS - access to some of the excellent reports produced by the first class CRS
Senator Reid - Majority Leader of the Senate
NancyPelosi - unofficial site, news of the Speaker of the House of Representatives
Johnboehner - Minority Leader, House of Representatives

UK Parliament

UK Parliament - from the Palace of Westminster direct
Politics_co_uk - good UK based news service
Epolitix - another good news service specialising in Parliamentary matters
Hansard Society - from that excellent Society (see many previous posts)
Downing Street - from No 10
I'd welcome any of your recommendations. (If you want to link up with me on facebook - my name their is 'jdavidmorgan'. I also use Skype - with the same name.)