Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Historic Cooperation

The "Special Relationship" between the USA and UK is of course of great interest to a blog which looks at the legislatures of these two countries. This week I visited a place which historically played a key part in establishing and developing that relationship.

A BBC News Report from February began this year - "The US/UK intelligence-sharing relationship is incredibly close and has been all the way back to World War II. It is arguably at the centre of what is known as the "special relationship"." On May 17th 1943 the BRUSA Agreement was signed at Bletchley Park which was a formal agreement to share intelligence. http://intellit.muskingum.edu/liaison_folder/liaisonintro.html (For further references). That agreement was signed at Bletchley Park. It was preceded by practical cooperation at that important site.

Bletchley Park was the codebreaking centre which played a (if not, the) critical role in the Second World War. It is also of major significance in the history of mathematics and computing. (Significance).

The site is now open to the public. It is well worth a visit. (actually worth a series of visits, I will certainly be returning). Whether you are interested in military history; computing; or the extraordinary story of the activities and individuals at Bletchley Park - this will fascinate you.

Over the summer months, when both Parliament and Congress are on recess (the Senate WILL eventually rise!), I will write a few posts about this fascinating place and its history. Details of Bletchley Park and admission arrangements can be found at the Bletchley Park Website.