Sunday, 9 August 2009

Politics In America

Since 2001 I have been a serial purchaser and user of CQ's "Politics in America". (Covering the 106th to 111th Congresses - 25cm of shelf space in my office!). The current edition "PIA 2010" arrived at my home this week.

Congressional Quarterly has been producing this excellent guide to Members of Congress and their districts (States for Senators) since 1981. A biography is supplied of every member, with lots of statistics on the member and their district. Details of key votes and scores are given on 'party unity'; 'presidential support' plus the ratings by four advocacy groups

AFL-CIO - a federation of labour unions.
Americans for Democratic Action - liberal
Chamber of Commerce - founded in 1912 as "a voice for organized business"
American Conservative Union

There is a host of other information - including the order of seniority in each House; Youngest and Oldest Members; Women in Congress; Minorities in Congress - even "Members Who Have A Twin". Membership lists of groups within Congress (New Democrat Coalition; Blue Dog Coalition; Progressive Caucus; and the Republican Study Committee) are given - as well as details of committees.