Wednesday 17 September 2008

LA 04

Covering much of western Louisiana, except for the south west (LA 07), this district includes Shreveport (200,145) and the smaller cities of Bossier City and Natchitoches (the oldest permanent city in the former Louisiana Purchase area - founded in 1714). Oil and natural gas are important and there are significant defence bases. Riverboat gambling, health care and timber also play a key role in the economy of this 11,151 sq mile district.

Republican congressman, Jim McCrery has represented the district since 1988. He is the Ranking Member on the House Ways and Means Committeee. He announced his retirement in Decemebr 2007. Due to Hurricane Gustav, the primaries have been postponed until 4th October.


Willie Banks - a veteran and attorney
Paul J. Carmouche - Caddo District Attorney, who is tipped to win the nomination
Artis "Doc" Cash - minister, who ran in 2006
John Milkovich - attorney, who ran in 2002


John Fleming - a physician
Chris Gorman - trucking executive
Chester Kelly - restaurant owner, attorney
Jeff Thompson - attorney, believed to be McCrery's favoured successor
former State Rep. Mike Powell.

Cook listed this district as "Republican Toss Up"