Thursday, 25 September 2008


Conference is over. Attention now shifts to Birmingham, where the Conservatives hold their conference. Although there were sessions and a handful of fringe meetings, I chose to leave for home first thing in the morning. I took the opportunity to visit my parents who live in Aldridge, just outside Walsall.

I didn't expect to post an entry today. My intention was to unpack - and do some reading in preparation for a meeting early next week. Washminster would have returned on Thursday. But just bere 8pm I had to drive to Rugby station to collect my daughter who works in an MPs constituency office in that town. However events took a different turn.

Shots were fired at trains and at the police helicopter which flew to the scene. Just after I entered the station, it was locked down. Servives along the length of the West Coast line [from London Euston - Rugby is the major junction where it branches into a line to Birmingham and the West Midlands; and another line along the Trent Valley which is the route to North Wales; Manchester and Liverpool; the Lake District and Scotland] were suspended. I was eventually able to leave the station to drive to Northampton to collect my daughter.

News Reports are available at
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