Monday, 8 September 2008

AL 05

Once a stronghold of New Deal Democrats - the district covers many of Alabama's Tennessee Valley Authority areas. Federal Government spending also boosted this area during the space race - but this district became more Republican during the 1990s. Democrat Bud Cramer announced his retirement in March - leaving this an Open Seat. The Cook Political Report lists it as "Democratic Toss Up" (Currently the only Open Democratic seat seen as a toss up).

The Fifth District covers the northern part of the State. Huntsville is the largest city with a population of 158,216.

Cramer was one of the Democrats most likely to vote against the party leadership, and was a founder member of the "Blue Dogs" group in the House of representatives. . The race is between

Parker Griffith [Democrat]: http://www.griffithforcongress.com/ - a retired physician and small business owner who has been endorsed by the 'Blue Dogs', and

Wayne Parker [Republican]: http://www.wayneparkerforcongress.com/ - a vice-President of an insurance agency. He is the son in law of Bill Archer, a Conservative Republican from Texas who was Chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee in 1994-2000.