Saturday 13 October 2007

The week ahead

The 2006-7 session draws towards its close at Westminster. The massive 'Legal Services Bill' will be considered by the Commons on Monday, where the Report and 3rd Reading will be taken. Any amendments made will be considered by the Lords on Wednesday. Their Lordships will also be continuing the Report Stage of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill; the 3rd Reading of the UK Borders Bill and Commons Amendments to the Greater London Authority Bill. The Commons, between dealing with any amendments sent down from the Lords, will hold a series of debates including (Tuesday) Defence Policy (Wednesday) Opposition motions on 'Foot & Mouth and Blue Tongue' plus 'Dealing with Bullying in Schools' (Thursday) Review of the Third Sector.

In the House of Representatives 22 bills will be considered under the suspension procedure plus

H.R. 2102 – Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 (Rep. Boucher – Judiciary)
H.Res.___ - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the withholding of information relating to corruption in Iraq (Oversight and Government Reform)
H.R. 2095 - Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2007 (Rep. Oberstar – Transportation and Infrastructure)

H.R. 3773 - Responsible Electronic Surveillance That is Overseen, Reviewed, and Effective (RESTORE) Act (Reps. Conyers/Reyes - Judiciary/Intelligence).

There will be a vote on Overriding the President’s Veto of H.R. 976, the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2007

The Senate will Resume consideration of H.R. 3093, the Departments of Commerce and Justice and Science Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2008 on Monday.