Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Written as I watch this on the TV screen in the office of three Peers - one got into the gallery, the other two are with me.

A moving tribute to members of the Armed Forces.

Now Cameron is on his feet. First question on the floods which have hit Sheffield, a city I fondly remember from my student days. Second question on the same subject. Third, another non-controversial question about Blair's future role as a peace envoy in the Middle East. Fourth on Alan Johnston. Final "question" was a tribute to Blair and best wishes for the future.
Menzies Campbell asked a question about the welfare of the armed forces. Then another tribute rather than a question.
Jeremy Corbyn - surely he's not going to join the love-fest? It's about Iraq - and notes that the US Congress has voted for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. The strident voice of Ann Winterton follows. The premise of her question is rejected.