Wednesday, 27 June 2007

PMQs - Part 2

Ann Clwyd has reminded the House of the atrocities in Iraq under Hussain - and that many Iraqis are grateful for Blair's actions.

A Lib Dem tried to attack Blair's educational legacy - and gave the outgoing PM the opportunity to state the achievements!

Richard Burden asked about the Middle East peace process - and taking the lessons from Northern Ireland to this issue.

Blair joked about receiving a P45 - the document an employee gets for tax purposes when leaving a job.

When asked about church & state seperation his response was - "I'm really not bothered about that one".

Climate Change. Then the other Winterton, Nicholas (Ann's husband) - got in. A eurosceptic rant - what a surprise. He was called to order by the Speaker (should be a question) - "first of all I like the honourable gentleman..." was Blair's response - who said goodbye to him in a number of European languages!!!

David Blunkett paid his tributes - then Tony Baldry on his local general hospital ... and the lack of a referendum on Europe. Blair sighed - then reminded Baldry of the advances in health; education and the economy in Baldry's constituency.

Angela Smith, another Sheffield MP to ask a question today, was followed by Rev Ian Paisley - who paid a fulsome tribute. He wished Blair the same success in the Middle East as he had had in Northern Ireland.

Blair responded. The Father of the House, Alan Williams, asked the last question, it was a touching moment. Tony Blair finished with a few remarks about the House of Commons, and politics in general. He then finished.

MPs clapped as he left. - not normally permitted - but appropriate