Monday, 18 June 2007

How much does it cost to run Congress?

This week the House of Representatives will begin floor proceedings on the Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill. For Financial Year 2008 $4,330,451,000 has been requested - an increase of 14% from 2007. What would this be spent on?

The running of the Senate $869.3 million - mainly for the personnel and office expenses of individual Senators; and the salaries of officers and their employees.

House of Representatives - as for the Senate, but these costs amount to $1.2 billion

Architect of the Capitol - the costs of the maintenance, operation, development and preservation of the Capitol complex (which includes not only the main Capitol building but House & Senate Offices; the grounds; the buildings and grounds of the Library of Congress; Capitol power plant; Botanic Garden and the new Capitol Visitors Center are estimated at $481.7 million

Capitol Police - This department will the full time equivalent of 2,125 people. Staff and other costs will require $299.1 million.

Support agencies, which provide information and carry out key work for the Congress are asking for the following: -

Congressional Budget Office: $37.97 million

Library of Congress $661.6 million

(including $108.7 million for the Congressional Research Service)

Government Accountability Office $523.8 million

Government Printing Office $181.98 million

Office of Compliance $ 4.1 million

Open World Leadership Center $14.4 million

John B Stennis Center for Public Service Training & Development $430,000