Friday, 25 June 2021

Wyn Lewis Jones

 Earlier this week I posted a piece about Ail Symudiad - a group whose music I had just started to get into. I had even bought an ebook about the group - and the two brothers at the heard of the group (which by copying pieces of the text to Google Translate, I was able to read - I’m too early in my quest to learn Welsh to be able to reach much unaided!).

This evening I visited the Ail Symudiad Facebook page, and was saddened to read this post published yesterday - 

Wyn Lewis Jones 1959 - 2021 ❤
Gyda chalon trwm, i ni’n drist iawn i ‘weud bod Wyn wedi colli ei frwydr hir a dewr gyda chancr y pancreas heddi. Diolch i bawb am y negeseuon caredig a’r llunie lyfli - mae’n cynhesu calon i weld shwt gwmynt wedd e’n meddwl i bawb. Bydd bywyd ddim run peth heb ei sbort, dwli a’r bass lines.
It is with a very heavy heart we announce tonight that Wyn lost his long and brave fight with pancreatic cancer today. Thank you to everyone for the kind messages and the lovely pictures - it's really heartwarming to know how much he meant to so many. Life won't be the same without his fun, madness and the bass lines.
Nos da Wyn x