Wednesday, 21 August 2013


My Open University students (on the W200 and W201 Law courses) - plus other OU students face exams this autumn. I will be using Washminster to publish material that they should find useful for revision.

The courses cover -

W200 - [Major Subjects] - English Legal System; EU Law
[Short introductions to] - UK Constitutional Law; Rights & Police Powers; Contract; Tort; Criminal Law.

W201 - UK Constitutional Law; Human Rights Law; Administrative Law (focused in on the UK's 'Judicial Review'); and Criminal Law.

But Washminster will continue to follow US Congress; UK Parliament; the European Parliament and the French Assemblee nationale. There will still be posts about history; jazz - and of course the American Football season is about to begin!

It is possible to subscribe to Washminster (see above).

A while ago I made and posted a video about techniques for retaining information from studies. It is republished below