Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday

So this is it...the end of summer. Today is the last bank holiday of the summer. Our next official holiday is Christmas Day! (at least in the US 'Labor Day' is a week later - so I'll be following the US example!!).

But a new season is about to begin...

The House of Commons returns on 2nd September. The week's business can be found here. (and they'll be discussing cycling on their first day). Conference season starts with the TUC Conference in Bournemouth from the 8th September - and the party conferences follow.

The Institut francais in South Kensington reopens and there's a lot on - I hope, with my newly found free time, to make my visits more frequent. There are a number of films on that I'm keen to see. The programme can be accessed here.

In Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes - Feastival returns.

So, if you are in Britain - enjoy today! (to friends overseas, also enjoy yourself - even if it isn't an official holiday!)