Thursday, 12 August 2010

Updating via Podcasts

I've been taking some time to explore further podcasts to update and extend my knowledge about Parliament and Congress. Here's a list of Podcasts - they are available via iTunes - and are free!

- BBC: Today in Parliament - available from early the following morning. When Parliament is sitting I 'refresh' my podcasts on my PC then transfer to the iPhone - great for listening to on the journey from Milton Keynes to London Euston (and at 30 minutes length, just the right timings fr that journey.
- BBC: John Pienaar's weekly political review
- BBC: Weekly Political Review - top political commentators report on issues

- C-SPAN: After Words - from Book TV. Author's discuss in detail their book. Good range of subjects covered, so I don't listen to every podcast. A useful back catalogue.
- C-SPAN: Newsmakers - Sunday morning interviews with "newsmakers", mainly but not exclusively members of the House or Senate.
- C-SPAN: Q & A - Interviews with a range of people, from different backgrounds. Useful for learning about issues which might not be the number one headline, but which Congress is considering
- C-SPAN: Podcast of the Week - the weeks chosen broadcast - as with After Words not always on a topic of immediate interest to me (or one I've already listened to).
- NPR: It's All Politics - useful summary of political issues in the USA
- BBC: Americana - wider than just Congress, this is a useful background on the USA - often some quirky stories.
- CFR: The World Next Week - weekly preview of world events from the Council on Foreign Relations - Congressional activity is usually covered.