Friday, 27 August 2010

Navigating around Washminster

This blog has evolved since it first appeared on 7th March 2007. All entries can be read by using the Blog Archive on the right hand side. They are sorted by Year and Month. Alternatively it is possible to search for particular words or phrases. [Towards the top right hand corner].

Over the next few weeks - as a number of my Open University students face exams - I will be preparing new posts about issues that may well come up in the exam [W200 Law: Understanding Law; W201 Law: The Individual & the State]. However further information may be uncovered by using the search facility!

A "Twitter" stream is available under the the Plaxo Badge. These tweets may, or may not, be related to Washminster matters - but I often use twitter to highlight a matter in the news.

Under "Watch" there are direct links to
"BBC Democracy Live" - which has feeds from the House of commons; House of Lords; Select committees; the Scottish Parliament; Welsh Assembly; and the European Parliament;
"C-SPAN 2" - The US Senate, live when the Senate is in session - other programmes when it is not sitting
"C-SPAN 1 " - The House of Representatives

Under "US Congress" there are direct links to
"Bob Carr's HoR Schedule" - Bob Carr represented Michigan districts (the boundaries and District Number changed with redistrictings). He lives and works in Washington DC and maintains this schedule of sittings.
and the official websites of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

A direct link to the UK Parliament is available below that.

David's Favourite Blogs - links to the latest posts on a number of blogs which deal with the US Congress and UK Parliament.

The headings of "Parliament" and "Congress" are fed with news stories in which the terms above are used - they often are about the US Congress and UK Parliament, but may not necessarily be so.