Sunday 16 May 2010

The Early Obama Presidency

On Friday I had a short break from British Government & Politics - through attending a conference at the University of Westminster entitled "The Early Obama Presidency". It was sponsored by The Eccles Centre and the Cultural Office of the US Embassy in London.

While the last few days have been tiring ones (and I had to get up and drive from Huntingdon in order to be at the BBC studio in Northampton to do an interview on the length of fixed term parliaments by 7.00 before travelling down to London), I kept fully awake for this very interesting conference.

The keynote address was given by George C Edwards of Texas A & M University. He spoke about the strategic assessments made in the first months. I hope to do a post on his comments later this week. Other papers given were

Stephen J Wayne - Presidential Character and Judgement. Obama's Afghanistan and Health Care Decisions.

James P Pfiffner - Organizing the Obama Presidency

Gary C Jacobson - Obama's Evolving Public Support

John E Owens - Obama and the Democratic Congress

Richard M Pious - Prerogative Power in the Obama Administration

James A Thurber - Changing the Way Washington Works? Obama, Congress and Lobbyists.

Much food for thought - and I hope to make further posts on the matters raised - and develop my own thoughts further.