Friday 28 May 2010

Constitutional (& related) Issues

Yesterday the House of Lords had a full day's debate on "Home, Legal and Constitutional Affairs and Local Government" matters arising from the Queen's Speech. I sat in the gallery (and apart from two short breaks for a drink) sat through the seven and a half hours of the debate - it was worth watching - many of the key arguments which will be discussed in the session were rehearsed. You can read the speeches in Hansard, which is available here.

In the Queen's Speech there were 23 bills announced. Of particular interest in the fields of Constitutional and Administrative matters & Human Rights are bills on

  • Parliamentary Reform
  • Defence of Parliamentary Privilege [Draft]
  • EU
  • Public Bodies Reform
  • Local Government
  • Decentralisation & Localism
  • Freedom
  • Identity Documents
  • Terrorist Asset Freezing Bill

To follow these bills (which may aquire slightly different titles) you can follow via the Parliamentary Website, which is accessible here.