Monday 12 January 2009

The Welsh Connection

For my birthday my parents gave me "150 Famous Welsh Americans" by W Arvon Roberts (Llygad Gwalch: Pwllheli, 2008 - http://www.carreg-gwalch.com/product/150_famous_welsh_americans/), a fascinating book which outlines the lives of some people of Welsh origin who have been prominent within the US. Some have been sportsmen or authors; others have been businessmen or musicians. The list of politicians is impressive. One Senator claimed that no other nation had contributed more to the development of the United States, in proportion to their numbers, than the Welsh had done.

Famous names include -

  • John Adams (2nd)
  • James Garfield (20th)
  • William Henry Harrison (9th)
  • Thomas Jefferson (3rd)
  • Abraham Lincoln (16th)
  • James Monroe (5th)
  • Richard Nixon (37th)


  • William Vincent Allen (Nebraska 1893-1899)
  • James J Davis (Pennsylvania)
  • Jefferson Davis (Mississippi 1847-53; 1857-60 - and President of the Confederate States 1862-65)
  • Hubert Humphrey (Minnesota 1949-64; 1971-78) - and Vice Presisident 1965-69
  • John Percival Jones (Nevada 1873-1903)