Friday 30 January 2009

The Lords Lighten Up

It's been a trying week in the House of Lords, with the allegations of misbehaviour against some members - but on Thursday a number of Peers tried to bring some humour into the proceedings. The topic which led to a surplus of puns and various other - sometimes groan inducing - remarks, was lightbulbs - a subject that has many - led by the Daily Mail - frothing at the mouth.

Lord Harrison began by asking Her Majesty’s Government "what is their position on the phasing out of 100- and 75-watt traditional light bulbs." Serious enough, but when he came to his supplementary he said - "My Lords, is my noble friend as incandescent as I am about the reduced brightness of these new lamps...

Exchanges included -

Lord Harrison: ... Indeed, just how many politicians did it take to change a light-bulb policy?
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: My Lords, it takes one Member of your Lordships’ House to change a light bulb and 712 to debate the matter for endless hours.

Lord Davies of Oldham: My Lords, for a little light in a dark corner, it is the Lib Dems’ turn.
Lord Redesdale: ... Does the Minister agree that this should be shown as a shining example of the value of energy-saving light bulbs?
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: My Lords, I have not had any complaints yet, but I intend to make myself scarce over the next few days.