Friday, 3 February 2017

Why is Emmanuel Macron having such success?

Le Monde has published this short video (in French) which may be of great interest if you are following the French Presidential Elections. To date - Marine Le Pen and François Fillon are facing investigations. The Parti socialiste has chosen Benoît Hamon - and some PS deputés are threatening to quit the party.

Macron is doing well in the polls  - this video suggests some reasons

1 He has positioned himself outside the main political parties parties (as, if not more, unpopular than the parties in other countries) - and established his own movement 'En marche!

2 He has successfully distanced himself from the unpopular legacy of François Hollande

3 He is running an American-style campaign

4 He has developed his international credibility

5 He has not yet revealed too much detail about his policies - so hasn't suffered the detailed criticism that would follow closer analysis.