Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's day

For Valentine's Day, I share you with you a song that I really like. Partially in English (it was apparently written for an American girl that Michel Polnareff had fallen for) and mostly in French, it combine a superb tune with some heartfelt lyrics.

I found a wonderful blog, which has lots about a number of singers, which I'd like to quote - the original blog is here.

"The song is again one of Polnareff’s “woe is me” unrequited love songs.  Polnareff is addressing his song to a young woman who is totally disinterested in him, despite him declaring that he is crazy about her.  He wants her to love him, but instead she makes fun, remains silent or simply looks bored.  The situation may seem hopeless and faced with her indifference Polnareff wants to disappear into the night, but by morning he has regained his confidence and is hopeful that everything could change today.  It doesn’t sound hopeful but, o my, what a way to get other girls to feel sorry for him and to love him for showing his vulnerability.  A sure fire winner, I’d say!
For those who don’t speak French at all, Polnareff sings ‘je suis fou de vous’ – fou is the masculine French word for crazy, mad, insane." 

The lyrics -

Love me, please love me, je suis fou de vous
Pourquoi vous moquez-vous chaque jour
De mon pauvre amour.
Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous
Vraiment prenez-vous tant de plaisir
A me voir souffrir.

Si j'en crois votre silence
Vos yeux pleins d'ennui
Nul espoir n'est permis.
Pourtant je veux jouer ma chance
Même si même si je devais y brûler ma vie.

Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous
Mais vous moquerez-vous toujours

De mon pauvre amour.

Devant tant d'indifférence parfois j'ai envie
De me fondre dans la nuit.
Au matin je reprends confiance
Je me dis je me dis
Tout pourrait changer aujourd'hui.

Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous
Pourtant votre lointaine froideur
Déchire mon cœur.

Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous
Mais vous vous moquerez-vous toujours
De mes larmes d'amour.

Michel Polnareff was a big French star from the 1960s onwards. I first heard him on the French internet radio station Chante France, and now have two of his albums - "Les premieres annees de Michel Polnareff" and "Live at the Roxy" - both are available on iTunes or Amazon.