Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Naming and Shaming

As with the House of Commons, Members of the House of Lords can submit questions for written answer (QWAs). These should be answered within 14 days. Each day a list is published in the "House of Lords Business (a Green booklet setting out the days business; business to come in the forthcoming month - and which is full of useful information - visit here to see the document) - which lists Written questions unanswered after 10 working days. The dates when the questions were submitted (and in brackets when the answer should have been given by) are given

5 September (19 September)

HL11585 Lord Warner [DfID]
HL11589 Lord Avebury [HO]
HL11601 Lord Ramsbotham [MoJ]
HL11602 Lord Ramsbotham [MoJ]
HL11603 Lord Ramsbotham [MoJ]
HL11606 Lord Laird [DWP]
HL11608 Lord Laird [DCLG]
HL11639 Lord Hunt of Kings Heath [HO]
HL11640 Lord Hunt of Kings Heath [HO]

6 September (20 September)

HL11691 Lord Chidgey [DfT]
HL11695 Lord Chidgey [DfT]

7 September (21 September)

HL11713 Lord Adonis [HO]
HL11714 Lord Laird [HO]

8 September (22 September)

HL11743 Lord Morris of Manchester [HO]
HL11775 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [MoJ]
HL11786 Lord Lester of Herne Hill [MoJ]
HL11793 Lord Laird [DWP]

12 September (26 September)

HL11797 Lord Chidgey [CO]
HL11798 Lord Chidgey [CO]
HL11799 Lord Chidgey [CO]
HL11803 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [DfT]
HL11804 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [DfT]

13 September (27 September)

HL11852 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [DfT]
HL11853 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [DfT]
HL11881 Lord Laird [CO]
HL11884 Lord Ahmed [MoD]
HL11885 Lord Ahmed [MoD]

14 September (28 September)

HL11923 Lord Hunt of Kings Heath [DEFRA]
HL11930 Lord Kennedy of Southwark [HO]

15 September (29 September)

HL11933 Lord Harrison [DfT]
HL11937 Baroness Smith of Basildon [HO]
HL11942 Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead [DfID]
HL11957 Lord Tebbit [HO]
HL11961 Lord Howard of Lympne [MoJ]
HL11963 The Earl of Sandwich [DfID]
HL11987 Lord Boswell of Aynho [DWP]
HL11988 Lord Boswell of Aynho [DWP]
HL11997 Lord Bradshaw [DfT]
HL11998 Lord Bradshaw [DfT]

The Departments which have been the most number of questions unanswered are revealed in a table - I intend regularly to reproduce this "naming and shaming" on Washminster -
[Cabinet Office]      4
[Department  for Communities and Local Government]      1
[Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs]      1
[Department for International Department]      3
[Department for Transport]      9
[Department of Work & Pensions]      4
[Home Office]      9
[Ministry of Defence]      2
[Ministry of Justice]      6