Friday, 6 May 2011

Furzton, Milton Keynes - Result

Dawn had already broken before the result was announced. However the drama sometimes shown on TV when a result is announced does not reflect reality. The first stage is to check that the number of ballot papers equals the number issued. At that stage observers from the parties can "sample" - they note how each ballot paper has been marked, and estimate the probable proportion going to each candidate. Therefore I knew fairly on that I wasn't going to win.

The final result for Furzton ward was

Turnout 38.28%

Chris Williams (incumbent Liberal Democrat councillor). 1077. 43.29% (2007 - 1193)
Maggie Geaney (Conservative). 622. 25.00% (2007 - 622)
J David Morgan (Labour). 557. 22.35% (2007 - 299)
Stuart Henry Moore (UKIP). 161. 6.47% (2007 - 125)
Beverley Caprice (Green). 72. 2.89%