Friday 11 February 2011

Many ways of learning

Reading a book is only one means of learning - it can be combined with others to make study more effective. If your studies involve Constitutional law, law generally, British or American politics- there are many resources available -for free - on the internet.

You can watch law being made -

UK Parliament
US Congress

There are iPhone apps - such as the Parliament Quiz: a fun way of learning about the key facts - and an website providing a quiz and facts about the US Constitution available here.

Radio and TV are great sources for programmes about the working of the Law; the Legislature and politics generally. In the UK there is a radio programme called "Law in Action" and details of other legal radio programmes can be found here.

Washminster is designed to bring you materials useful for the study of UK & US Constitutional Law; law generally; practice and procedure in Parliament and Congress - as well as items of history; tourism - and anything that might be of interest. I hope you'll be checking in frequently to this blog - and do share your comments - the best form of study is to share ideas and discuss with fellow students!