Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Looking Forward to 2012

It's like Christmas - it seems to start earlier every time! Now the media is speculating on - who will run for the Presidency in 2012? Washminster too will be looking forward to a very important set of elections. We will be following the developments - and their background - in detail over the coming months.

November 6th 2012 will see Presidential; Senate; House as well as various State elections.

Other key dates are

December 31st 2010 - Census data published which will lead to reapportionment of House seats between states. Redistricting will follow.

Within the period Feb 1st to March 5th 2012 - Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire Primary; Nevada (Caucuses or primary); South Carolina Primary. - according to rules adopted by the national parties, but state legislatures need to act on these.

Who are the potential contenders? Will the President attract any serious challengers for the Democratic nomination?

Republicans mentioned include

Governors - Tim Pawlenty (MN); Haley Barbour (MS); Chris Christie (NJ); Rick Perry (TX); Mitch Daniels (IN); Bob McDonnell (VA); Bobby Jindal (LA)

Former Governors - Sarah Palin (AK); Mitt Romney (MA); Mike Huckabee (AR); Gary Johnson (NM); Jeb Bush (FL)

Senators - John Thune (SD); Jim DeMint (SC); John Cornyn (TX); Scott Brown (MA); Marco Rubio (FL)

Former Senators - Rick Santorum (PA)

Current or Former Representatives - Newt Gingrich; Ron Paul; Mike Pence;  Paul Ryan

Other - Donald Trump; John Bolton; Rudy Giuliani; David Petraeus;