Friday, 22 October 2010

Whips in the House of Commons

The Chief Whip; Whips and Assistant Whips are Members of the Treasury. The Treasurer; Comptroller & Vice Chamberlain are members of Her Majesty’s Household

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury [Chief Whip]  Patrick McLoughlin MP (Con)
Treasurer of HM Household John Randall MP (Con)
Comptroller Alistair Carmichael MP (LD)
Vice Chamberlain Mark Francois MP (Con)

Lord Commissioners
James Duddridge MP (Con)
Michael Fabricant MP (Con)
Brooks Newmark MP (Con)
Angela Watkinson MP (Con)
Jeremy Wright MP (Con)

Assistant Whips
Stephen Crabb MP (Con)
Philip Dunne MP (Con)
Robert Goodwill MP (Con)
Mark Hunter MP (LD)
Norman Lamb MP (LD)
Chloe Smith MP (Con)
Shailesh Vara MP (Con)
Bill Wiggin MP (Con)

An American Senator (whilst paying tribute to Michael Jopling, prior to his standing down from the house of Commons - he now sits in the House of Lords) explains about whips in the British Parliament.