Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Private Members Bills for 2009/10 Session

The list of the 20 successful backbench MPs who have an opportunity to bring forward a private members bill was published last week. In view of the fact that this will be a short session, few are likely to get their bills completed. In a normal session 13 Fridays are set aside for consideration of Private Members Bills. A Factsheet on the success of 'PMBs' can be found here. We should know shortly what bills the lucky 20 propose to introduce. The 20 bills will be presented (1st Reading) on Wednesday 16 December 2009.

The 20 MPs selected (in order) are -

Dr Brian Iddon
Mr David Chaytor
Andrew Gwynne
Albert Owen
Julie Morgan
Mr Anthony Steen
Alistair Burt
John Smith
Chris Grayling
Mr Nigel Dodds
Dr Richard Taylor
Simon Hughes
Mr Nigel Waterson
Mr Douglas Carswell
Bob Spink
Mr Mark Hoban
David Cairns
Mr Richard Shepherd
Mr David Heath
Mr Mark Field