Thursday, 31 December 2009

Seeing 2009 Out - and 2010 in

Today sees the exit of a year few have loved. It has been a difficult year for Congress - where business has been slow to move - and for the Westminster Parliament - which has seen scandal shake both the Lords and Commons. The European Parliament saw a quieter year - though for MEPs who lost their seats in the June election, they had their own traumatic year.

During a year we lost a number of political figures - including

UK Parliament
- Lady (Nora) David
- Lord (Ralph) Dahrendorf
- Lord (Peter) Blaker
- Lord Kingsland (Sir Christopher Prout)
- David Taylor
- Clement Freud
- John McWilliam

US Congress
- Ted Kennedy
- Claiborne Pell
- Jack Kemp

- Robert McNamara
- Walter Cronkite
- Jack Jones
- Jody Powell
- Ron Silver

What will 2010 bring? The New Year will be seen in at my home in Milton Keynes; in London; in Washington DC; and in Brussels. Follow the links for more details.