Monday, 8 June 2009

The Results Are In

I have just arrived home from the East Midlands count in Leicester. Each District Council (may have the title of District; Borough or City Council) had its own count for all the votes cast in the relevant district. These were then transmitted to the central count in Leicester. Once the total numbers of votes cast for each party were calculated; the five seats were allocated on a proportional basis using the d'Hondt method.

The East Midlands results in detail can be seen at : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/elections/euro/09/html/ukregion_31.stm

As number four on Labour's list - I haven't been elected. Instead I will be devoting the free time that has become available now that the campaign is over, to improving the Washminster blog.

As it is well past 3am, I am about to go to bed, to recharge my batteries! - the day ahead is likely to be eventful. The implications of the national results need to be considered. Two BNP candidates were elected - the first time this extreme right wing party has won places in the European Parliament. Anti-European parties and individuals gained much support. Labour's share of the vote fell by 7 percentage points, and the party fell into third place nationally behind UKIP. At 6pm this evening the Parliamentary Labour Party will hold its weekly meeting. All Labour MPs and Peers are entitled to attend. The leadership of the party will be discussed. The trade union, the CWU, will decide whether to split from the Labour Party. As a major affiliate and financial backer of the Labour Party (it contributes around £1 million each year), this is of great significance.

So ....watch this space!!!!!