Wednesday 17 June 2009

Congressional Institution Hits A Hundred

The Congressional Baseball Game is due to be played tonight at the Nationals Stadium (the new Home of the Major League Baseball team, the Washington Nationals). It is a century since this event was first held. Members of Congress play on party teams. A special feature in 'Roll Call' outlines the history and details of the game. The winning team gains the Roll Call Trophy.

The rosters are:


Michael Arcuri HoR New York (Outfield)
Joe Baca HoR California (Pitcher/Infield)
Brian Baird HoR Washington State (Pitcher/Outfield)
Tim Bishop HoR New York (3rd Base)
John Boccieri HoR Ohio (Utility)
Bruce Braley HoR Iowa (Outfield/1st Base)
Sherrod Brown Senate Ohio (Outfield)
Russ Carnahan HoR Missouri (Utility)
Christopher Carney HoR Pennsylvania (Utility)
Ben Chandler HoR Kentucky (Infield)
William Lacy Clay HoR Missouri (1st Base/Outfield)
Joe Donnelly HoR Indiana (Center Field)
Steve Driehaus HoR Ohio (2nd Base)
Mike Doyle HoR Pennsylvania (Manager)
Tim Holden HoR Pennsylvania (Coach)


Graham Barrett HoR S Carolina (Catcher)
Joe Barton HoR Texas (Manager)
Kevin Brady HoR Texas (2nd Base)
Steve Buyer HoR Indiana (Coach)
Mike Conaway HoR Texas (1st Base)
John Ensign Senate Nevada (Pitcher/Shortstop)
Jeff Flake HoR Arizona (Outfield)
John Fleming HoR Louisiana (2nd Base)
Phil Gingrey HoR Georgia (Outfield)
Louie Gohmert HoR Texas (Outfield)
Sam Graves HoR Missouri (Outfield)
Gregg Harper HoR Mississippi (1st Base)
Duncan Hunter HoR California (Pitcher)
Jack Kingston HoR Georgia (2nd Base)
Connie Mack HoR Florida (Outfield)
Thaddeus McCotter HoR Michigan (Outfield)
Pete Olson HoR Texas (Utility)
Adam Putnam HoR Florida (Outfield)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen HoR Florida (Designated Hitter)
Tom Rooney HoR Florida (1st Base)
Steve Scalise HoR Louisiana (2nd Base)
Pete Sessions HoR Texas (Coach)
John Shimkus Hor Illinois (Pitcher)
Bill Shuster HoR Pennsylvania (Outfield)
Adrian Smith HoR Nebraska (Utility)
Todd Tiahrt HoR Kansas (Outfield)
Zach Wamp HoR Tennessee (Shortstop)
Rob Wittman HoR Virginia (Outfield)

The rules of Baseball can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Official_Baseball_Rules