Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Now it's getting interesting!!

I sat in the public gallery through the 8 votes held in the House of Commons, after one of the most interesting two days of debate in the Chamber for a long time.

But the fun has only just started. New week the House of Lords get to have their say - I'm sure it will be polite (as they always are - but the comments will be worth looking at closely!!!)

Of course - what does it all mean? Will it be 80% or 100% elected? As one MP noted an absolute majority of MPs (337 out of 646) voted in favour of a wholly elected Upper House. Then there is the long haul. The votes are merely indicative. Legislation is needed - and the opposition to reform isn't going to lay down its arms!

A Labour supporter of an all appointed House was seen outside the AYE lobby encouraging people to vote for the 100% elected option as the "Kamikaze Vote". Let the fun begin!!!

Should the Lords resist? Is the the dawn of new democratic parliamentary age? What do you think?